Buy Anex Room Cooler AG-9079 80L at a reasonable price Ezzi Electronics delivers home and kitchen appliances all over Pakistan

A large tank, powerful blower, and massive size characterise desert air coolers. These air coolers are used in areas with dry climates where temperatures remain high throughout the day. With a water tank of 100 liters, desert air coolers can be used in larger spaces. These air coolers are used in restaurants, spas, and lounge areas where extra cooling is required. Are you looking for a desert air cooler that can deliver superior cooling at all corners of your room? Our high-efficiency, cutting-edge desert air coolers have just made your summers a little cooler!

F120 RGB Fans provide an optimal balance between pressure and airflow while also providing RGB functionality. A slim form factor leaves plenty of space for an optional fan and helps the T120 slip into numerous bajaj cooler builds without blocking RAM or GPU slots. Each option provides high static pressure for excellent heat dissipation. We specialize in delivering electronic items to all the major cities of Pakistan on time.

Main disadvantages of Air Coolers:

Additionally, its performance is such that it is a great fit even when used in cramped spaces like the kitchen or a puja room. Dynamo rules the functional domain with its powerful performance. These coolers facilitate complete control through 3-speed levels and 4-way air deflection to cool all corners of the room. Therefore, take charge and control summer heat your own way with Usha Dynamo.

Best in class Memory Mode and Smart Sleep function to provide an amazing cooling experience- Double Check!! This cooler comes loaded with features to ensure that your summers are cool and cooling is hassle-free. To ease your search for an air cooler, you can check the following list of the best air cooler companies in Pakistan and browse through the options they provide. Hi guys, I’m Jayesh Patel, a mechanical engineer by qualification.

Super Asia ECM-5000 Plus Air Cooler

Green and cost-efficient air extractor ideal for industrial spaces. This portable unit is ideal for temporary cooling and drying of tents, workspaces, retail premises and more. Its powerful 5-leaf fan blade provides dynamic air delivery and cooling in all corners of the room. A perfect companion to accompany you and keep you cool during the summer season. Buddy desert cooler comes with a foldable trolley to provide portability and ease of use. They are the best solution in Desert Coolers for cooling while moving from room to room.

ECM-5200 is a room air cooler that fits into smaller spaces and works as a personal air cooler. The following are some of the most popular air coolers by Super Asia that can be your choice for this summer. In Pakistan, the air cooler manufacturing industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years due to rising temperatures and population growth in cities. Air Coolers are portable – Unlike AC’s, air coolers are mobile and can be moved to a room that needs to be cooled. To use the air cooler power consumption calculator to calculate the power consumption of your air cooler and interpret the results properly you should understand the following terms.

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