Broadcast, Scheduled Broadcast And Follow-Ups In your Email Autoresponder System

I don’t want you to get confused 스포츠중계 about the terminology or the language used with email marketing or with autoresponders. When you’re marketing over email that means that people came to your site, filled in their name and email address into your form and now they have joined your list or become subscribers to your list and now it’s time to send messages to those subscribers in one way or another. There are different ways you can send those messages and those are pretty much broadcast, scheduled broadcast and follow-ups.How to Understand Broadcasting Terminology | Voices
A broadcast is very simple. Let’s say that over the last few weeks you have been able to get 100 different people to type in their first name and their email address and become subscribers of your list. That means there are 100 people that you could contact right now. You have permission from all 100 of them. With a broadcast, you can log in to your autoresponder service such as Aweber and type in a subject line, type in a message, maybe include a link for them to click on at the bottom, click on the “send” button and now the email has been sent to all 100 subscribers on your list – very simple. Anyone of your list gets the message, they all get it right away and that’s it.
But you can also schedule these broadcasts. Let’s say you want to send a certain message on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this particular week. You don’t have to wake up early in the morning this coming Tuesday to write an email or on Wednesday or Thursday or Friday. You can schedule this broadcast for a specific date. So you can broadcast something today but you can also schedule a broadcast to be sent out tomorrow which means that tomorrow you can sleep in or go on vacation and whatever message you schedule to be sent out tomorrow will be sent on a timer.
This is a lot of fun for me because I can schedule the rest of the entire week or schedule one single message to be sent out once per week for the rest of the month or even for the rest of the year. The whole time I don’t have to touch any of these scheduled broadcasts and my subscribers have no idea if i just now hit “send” or if i scheduled a particular message weeks or even months ago.
Finally, there are follow-ups. When we talked about broadcast and scheduled broadcast, we’re talking about sending a message on a specific date like on January 1st or June 15th. But a follow-up means that we want to send a particular subscriber a certain message based on how long they have been a member or a subscriber of our list. We can say that, “I want to send this exact message exactly five days after someone has joined my list. ” That means that on a given day only ten people might be given that message because 10 people are at the day five sequence.
This is really powerful tool in autoresponders because you can have the same build-up or the same step-by-step sequence for people who have just joined your list, the same as the people who joined your list six months ago. It just depends on how long someone has been on your list. They can get day one, day two, day three but then a year from now someone else can join your and get the same day one, day two, day three and those two subscribers don’t know about each other.

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